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Want to increase your properties selling value by 11-15%?
Get more out of your investment by adding smart-technology features!
ASHE Technologies is a Security and Technology company, located in Atlanta. We provide security and home automation services to the construction industry.

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ASHE Technologies SNS Assessment

Ashe Technologies

Schedule an appointment to have one of our technicians come to your property and perform a Complete ASHE Technologies Safety and Security Inspection aimed at:

    •    Identifying opportunities that enable and empower the resident to be more self-reliant;

    •    Identifying possible danger points, hazards and vulnerabilities such as slip and fall, fire and mobility obstacles;

    •    Creating a clear surveillance map of critical elements such as security risks, obstacles and entry points.

Ashe Technologies
Emergency Response:
 Already commonplace, this technology provides a panic button that immediately notifies loved ones or authorities of an emergency, including a fall.

Ashe TechnologiesEyesight and Hearing: Enhanced alarms on doors, doorbells, smoke detectors, and appliances are more effective at alerting someone with visual or hearing impairments about home-related incidents.

Ashe TechnologiesMemory: As mental sharpness fades with age, forgetfulness can lead to serious safety issues. Smart home capabilities provide reminders to turn off a coffee pot, automatically lock doors, and even provide reminders to take daily medication.

Ashe TechnologiesVideo Monitoring: For safety and security, the inside and outside of the home can be monitored, including remote viewing for caregivers living outside of the home.

Ashe TechnologiesMedication Assistance: Systems can dispense specific medications and dosages at the exact time they should be taken, even providing locks on other medications that should not be taken at a certain time. This ability is particularly beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients.

Ashe Technologies
Ashe Technologies
Ashe Technologies

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