ASHE Technologies is an Atlanta-based licensed technology service-provider focused on home automation and security for the elderly and disabled. ASHE Technologies was established in 1997 as an In-House service provider of wireless security system parts, specifically manufactured for Rollins Protective Services.  

Since inception, service has been the core of the business that expanded our footprint. We provide users with a service tech to come to their home or business to repair, add a part, or perform a complete installation to their home automation systems. ASHE Technologies further expanded operations by working with builders to provide automation in new home construction.

ASHE Technologies utilizes new technological advancements in home automation. Some of these include remote video surveillance of homes and businesses, using smartphones and mobile devices to remotely manage properties, adjust the thermostat, control lighting, and many more. This allows us to provide our clients with a convenient and total control of their environments.

As the upgrade of older systems continues to advance, ASHE Technologies is a company that is poised to continue the mission of providing good customer support with the latest and greatest technologies.

Remote Lighting Control Security – Surveillance

Remote Garage Door Convenience Solutions

Remote IR Control Attic Storage

Remote Temperature Control Water Heater Regulation

Motion-Activated Lighting Control Intercom Systems

Smart Lighting Control Automate Fireplace

Full  Spectrum Audio/Video

  • Instant Alert: 24/7 Communication to emergency services and contacts with the touch of a button including medication reminders, step counting, daily activity sharing and critical biomonitoring of powered medical equipment like respiratory devices or wound care pumps are being used. It also monitors when common household appliances are switched on and off.
  • ASHE Technologies sensor technology provides caregivers and those living independently the ability to monitor the usage of home appliances and medical equipment.
  • ASHE Technologies helps caregivers to stay connected to elderly or disabled loved ones by sending immediate alerts if they deviate from important daily routines. This includes opening their medicine cabinet at a designated time or if a caregiver hasn’t arrived for their regularly scheduled appointment.
  • Slip & Fall: ASHE Technologies monitors motion and sends alerts to caregivers if an aging relative slips and falls. We install motion sensors, which can be placed throughout the home, to detect movement and send a notification if there is no movement for a predetermined period of time. With over 2.5 million aging adults treated in emergency departments for injuries caused by falls, this technology can help save a life.
Ashe Technologies
Ashe Technologies